Thursday, August 11, 2005

From Bangalore to Delhi

We started from our place at about 7:50 in the morning. Parag Jain had come to drop us at the airport. We had breakfast (an expensive one) at the Taj counter at Bangalore Airport. Sandeep did not seem very happy as he saw me sipping a 30 Rs chai and 50 Rs samosa. I like him when he is in that “kanjoos” mood. Anyways, we reached Delhi at noon and immediately started for Anju maushi’s place.
Every time we head for our vacation in the North, we do a “Shri Ganesh” of our trip from Anju maushi’s place. Sandeep tells me there’s something special with Anju maushi and her food and he is not wrong. There was no resisting the afternoon Rajma/Chawal/Raita and the evening Aloo Paratha. I had great fun with Chingu. We both poked fun at Sandeep and his new hairstyle (that’s what he calls it). He thinks he looks like Brad Pitt…both Chingu and I were of the opinion that he looks like Kroor Singh from Chandrakanta. That made him real mad. Chingu, Sandeep, Anju maushi and I gossiped till late night and then it was time for bed at 11:30 pm. We had to catch the 7 am Deharadun Shatabdi the next day.


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