Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kuari Pass Trek- OCT 2005

Till the time I was a little girl of say 27 year, I had no concept of any form of outdoors. A 10-day trek in remote Himalayas would then appear like climbing Everest itself. Ummm…well this is not entirely true. Sandeep and I had been to the Kumaon Himalayas for our honeymoon, and I did know what was involved after we did a small trek in the Binsar sanctuary area. And I have always been the one who enjoys a physical workout.

Still, when Sandeep suggested that our next vacation would be a Himalayan trek, and this was way back in January, I just brushed the thought away. Bah…just one of Sandeep’s many “castles in the air” remarks, I thought. But then it was only in July that I realized that Sandeep was serious because he was contemplating on joining a GYM to prepare for the physical stress required for the trek. At about the same time we started talking to various trekking agents operating in the Uttaranchal area. We made enquires for a moderate trek suitable for 6 people. Naveen and Sriram (our friends) were also in the fray along with their respective beaus. However, they dropped out right in the beginning of the preparation. So it was just the two of us and we were even more determined to go then before.

Anyways, I wont go about how we selected Red Chilli Adventures as our trekking operators and why we selected the Kuari Pass of all the other treks. That, in itself would be a different article. But, what I can say here is; we thank our lucky stars for the day when we chose our trek and the trek operator. In the coming passages, I narrate our story of the Kuari Pass Trek and the wonderful time we had from Rishikesh starting the 2nd of October and ending on the 12th after when we finished our rafting on the Ganges.


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Manu Khandelwal said...

Kuari Pass trek is one of the best winter treks in India. Nice post.