Sunday, December 10, 2006

17-10-2006 [Rajgundha (~2400) – Billing (~2200m) ] ~4hrs

Today was last day of the trek. Our destination was Billing. Billing is famous as a Paragliding destination. A bus comes to Billing at around 11AM everyday so we wanted to reach Billing by 11. We started at around 7AM, it was another easy walk for 4hr. We were walking very slowly. By this time, both Sandeep and I had blisters the size of marbles, on our feet. We reached our destination at sharp 11. There was an International

Paragliding Competition going on in Billing and because of this, transport was easily available for Bir. Otherwise, the plan was to camp in Billing for the night. With a heavy heart we said good bye to Prem who was going to go all the way back to Manali on road with his horses.
Bir is about 15 km down Billing and from here we caught a bus to Baijnath. We said goodbye to Kaushal and Rinku at Bir as we got into our bus.

And that is it. Our 10 Days adventure came to happy end at Baijnath as we checked into a small hotel.

I am fairly new to trekking in the Himalayas. That is to say, I am still but a newbie when it comes to the mountains. Comparatively speaking, I think the last trek of Kuari pass was quite easy. I had almost started believing that trekking is not difficult if one is physically fit.
I think the biggest sacrilege I committed was I started taking the mountains for granted. During this is trek; I realized that physical or mental fitness is not the only required thing. Mountains are like that; plainly speaking, it is purely in their hand. If they want to let you climb them, then in all the odd circumstances you would reach on the top the world. But if they dislike you, then even if all the Gods in all the heavens are with you; you won’t be able to complete your journey. One has to be totally humble and respect the mountains in their presence.
There is one more thought which usually people say about trekking. Trekking is never destination it is always a journey. Enjoying all the days, all the hard work that one put in order to reach to the top of the world.

I started liking trekking from my last trek. Not only because it gives you immense pleasure but also it teaches you lot many lessons of life. Trekking teaches you how to keep cool in all difficult situations, how to support, motivate and trust you partner. Beyond all these I feel very close to the God. Kalindi Khal, we are coming!!!!

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ranabir said...

good job. kalindi!!. I was looking for some idea of the Bara Bhangal trek and your experience will be really useful. the article is very informative. Thanks. wish you all the best for Kalindi Khal. I have done it in 2011 and its really good. All the best.

kalindi said...

Thanks Ranabir. All the best for Bara Bhangal. We did Kalindi the year after Bara Bhangal in 2007.

Details are here