Friday, December 15, 2006

12-10-2006 [Devi Ki Marhi (~3800m) – Daal Marhi (~3900)] ~6hrs

In the morning it was extremely cold. The coldest we had been. There was no sign of the Sun.

We were all waiting for the Sun so that we could start for our next campsite. In the morning before breakfast, we went to “Devi temple” and prayed and requested God to be with us and for good weather for at least next coming 3 days, till we cross “Thamsar Pass”. Rinku again gave us another shock saying that we have to cross one the Kaliheni nullah at this campsite. He suggested us to move ahead till the water stream and after reaching there to wait for him. We had to cross the river together carefully.
We lost the trail again and chose the incorrect path to get stuck in some boulders. I got scared, one wrong footing and down we slip in the valley and the whole trip goes for a big toss. Rinku saw us in this situation and moved for helping us. In the mean time, some how we managed to pass the stupid boulder but Rinku slipped and because of that all the eggs were broken which we was carrying.

Anyways, the three of us finally met near the stream and planned how to cross the stream.
We tied our shoelaces and hanged our boots across our necks. Now the real fun started. As soon as I stepped into water, I couldn’t stop myself screaming my mother’s name. The water was extremely cold but somehow I managed to cross the stream.

In the morning, for sometime the trail was somewhat easy, on a flat track. But after that the real exam started. At some point there was no trail at all and the landscape was all-lateral. Rinku helped both of us in such situations.

After sometime, we again dropped to the tree line. The weather was looking good in the afternoon. At some point Prem and Kaushal met us with the horses. We took a break and clicked couple of photos. From this point we had to ascend. While we were moving ahead suddenly, I felt the ice flacks on my hand. Yes, it was snowfall, but with very less intensity. By the time we reached our camp, the weather became clear again. Chili, iced wind started blowing and we had to cover our face as we couldn’t stand the biting cold. Kaushal said, “If this wind keeps blowing, the bad weather will pass.” Finally we came to our campsite of Daal Marhi.

For sometime we rested in our tent and then went inside the kitchen tent for dinner. There was no scope of exploring the campsite because of extreme cold. From this campsite, Thamsar Pass was somewhat visible. After dinner, we had campfire. Every body was talking about different topics. Rinku and Kaushal told us stories about some of their expeditions. After sometime, we decided to sleep and went to our tent.


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