Tuesday, December 12, 2006

15-10-2006: [Below Thamsar (~4200m) – Plachak( ~2700m)] ~6hrs

We got up a little late than usual. In fact, we hadn’t slept all that well and it was quite crowded in the tent.

We had to reach Plachak today. There was no question of breakfast as there was no water. The horses too were weary and hungry. We were still walking on snow. But soon was came below snow line and could see trees and greenery. Our guide couldn't stopped himself singing "Dukh ke din beete re bhaiyya ab sukh ayo re". We descended on snow for about the initial 2 hrs. The weather was now very clear and we wondered why would the weather have to be bad only for that one single day. The rest of the descent was negotiating the moraine and scree.

We also had to cross the Thamsar nullah using a natural snow bridge. This was quite exciting. We were walking in pine, juniper and birch forest now. We were both secretly happy to see a lot of green instead of the lot of white.

Our camp was to be in a Forest Rest House there, which was empty at this time of the year. Rinku made “halwa” tonight to celebrate our successful Thamsar crossing. We also had fire after a seemingly long time.


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