Monday, August 4, 2008

Looking Back

As I write this section, I have heard the news that some people have died because of bad weather on the Kalindi Pass this year. I pray for the departed souls. May they rest in peace.

Every trek has been special for me. It has always taught me something new. This trek also ended with lot of learning and I also made two excellent new friends. It is always with a little bit of help from your friends that you achieve your own summits. I do sometimes wish that Sandeep should have gone ahead and made the summit, but I know he would have never done it. I do still sometimes feel a little bad on missing out on those last few hundred meters, but then as I have said earlier “Trekking is a journey and not a destination in itself”

So what next !! Well, the journey continues and theres still many a road to be taken, many a mountain to be climbed.
Mountains will always remain there for ages to come, so who knows you might sometime see a repeat blog entry for Mount Yunum itself.


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sandeep said...

Superb journey u all ur travelogues till end ...beautifully described. Waiting for next year to read a one more:)

vagabond said...

Hi there,

read the entire Yunum blog entry in a single breath. You have a very simple yet effective style of writing. I felt almost being "there". I happen to have met Kaushal, Rinku and his wife last year in Manali, lovely people, I can imagine how great the trip must have been with such a lovely bunch of people as companions.

About you and Sandeep not being able to summit, its sad given how hard you guys trained for it. But theres always another chance and more importantly you realised that "the journey is as important as the destination", thats a great lesson in itself.

The photographs are lovely too...nice simple compositions. Keep sharing your journeys.


Jidnyasu said...

Awesome! Sandeep had told me about the experience. But this reading made me feel as if I was one of the fellow climbers with you.

"Trekking is a journey and not a destination in itself" - How true! The fun is in trekking and not in the summit. What if you did not reach the summit! You trekked. That alone matters.

Keep trekking and keep writing :)

Aai said...

You people are really great!What a superb travelogue you have written!And shilpa, it made me also cried that you two were not able to summit.But any how you had a great experience....And as you said "Trekking is a journey and not a destination in itself".Very true!!
photos are also very beautiful.Trekking has become a part of your life now!So,where next?But choose an easy one!!All the Best.

Akshay Mishra said...

Good one. Moiz told me about the trek but you explain well. Nice style of writing.

ritzzzz! said...

hi there....

i just stumbled on to your blog. Was searching for some dope on Bara Bhangal and ended up reading all about yunam.
Mainly becoz i was on Yunam in June, 2009. So reading your account of events was like a flashback which I could relate to at every twist and turn.
Congratulations on your super effort.
Check my yunam pics on facebook (ritz zz. They look drastically different from yours coz i went early in the season and the mountain was plastered with snow