Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking Back

This was one of the treks which we will always remain close to my heart. The whole trek is really a good mix of greenery, snow plodding, boulders and glacial moraines. One can feel the closeness of the mountains without going to very high altitude. Most of the times we were walking amidst huge mountains and got very close views of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul ranges. The trek is also spiritually motivating – Homkund is one of the most enchanting places that I have seen on my treks.

Having said all this, I would say that I have had the luck and pleasure of trekking with some really fine people. Treks like these are never possible without the company of great friends and one always has a lot to learn from your trekking companions.
If you ask me , is this trek suitable for beginners – I would say yes, but till Roopkund and that too with some level of physical and mental toughness.

I would also say that experienced trekkers should go beyond Roopkund towards Homkund and Ronti Saddle. The trek takes a very different perspective as you cross Junar Gali.
I have been thinking of what to do next. There are still many a trails to be trodden, many a passes to be crossed and many a mountains to be climbed. Stok Kangri, Lamkhaga Pass, Dhumdhar Kandi Pass, Auden's Col, Kang La are some of the treks we want to attempt sometime. So maybe it might be one of those or maybe something else. It is all up to the mountains. One thing is certain – it will be a trip to the majestic Himalayas. So keep following this space and watch out for my next trip report.

For more photos see Roopkund Ronti Saddle Photos



Vani said...


Cheers to another adventure in the Himalayas..!

Its always so nice to read ur memoirs..:)u write beautifully!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Hi! Read your entire blog on Ronti Saddle trip. It's nice to read. Actually Ronti is a Nostalgia to me. We three friends from Kolkata had done this trip in the year 2001, just one year after the last Raj Jat Yatra where several people had died due to bad weather and we had seen several left out belongings of those unlucky pilgrims. At Roopkund we could see no Lake, Only a hollow ground with stoanes and snow scattered between the Stones. We climbed down till the base of the lake without wetting our shoes. We really saw lots of Skeletons which included human as well as animals(May be Horse) with even clothes wrapped in it. On the road heaps of human skulls & bones were accumulated for the trekkers to see, done by the porters for the trekkers.We even didn't see any lake in Bara Homkund. While on our return from Ronti we camped at Bhujani and one queer incidence happened. It was raining in that dense forest. After the rain stopped we heard strange sound coming from outside. Let me mention one thing that in the entire trek from Roopkund till latapokri there were not a single human being other than us.The sound seem like of some bird. It was almost 10 p.m. of night. Then the Guide suggested that it is the spirit of one of the unfortunates who lost his life last year and he has come in the form of an Owl. Our guide suggested to offer him something. Then one of us put some bhujias on a papernapkin and then placed it on a rock and then we went inside our tent. You won't believe right from that moment the screeching stopped. Though no one of us believe in such rumors but for that moment and in an environment of dense forest all around, drenched in rainwater, the event and the thoughts those followed the incidence really sent a chill down our spine.
Lots of things happened in that tour. In the midnight at around 01:00 am suddenly we all started to smell agarbatti though not a creature was around and our Guide & Porter were fast asleep.At around 02:00 am when the smell of agarbatti faded out we heard strange, loud screeching outside our tent. We took the pain to get out and find what was it and found that lots of Burals(Ibex) were standing near our camp showing no sign of fear and screeching loudly. We offered them Salt as told by our guide and they were happy to lick them out and leave slowly.
After I got married I didn't go to anymore adventure tours to the mighty Himalayas. These types of blogs like yours are the way I cherish my heart.

kalindi said...

Hi Atanu,

Thanks for your comments. It is very nice to read about your experiences as well. Do you still trek ?

- shilpa

Baishan Chatterjee said...

Loved ur post..It was a lovely read and very helpful too..we are planning Ronti this October end..and ur post wll be a constant inspiration..thanx and do hope to keep in touch..

harish kumar said...

Can you contact no. Of your guide ?? I am planning similar trek.