Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sutol – Sitel – Ghat - Karnaprayag

We got ready by 6.30AM. We decided to start early because our guide told us there was a steep climb on the way to Sitel and it was better to climb that part during early morning.
Today’s walk on proper well marked trail which is used by the villagers. After a small climb we reached the village of Sutol. After the village we had to descend down for some time and then the climb started in hot sun. We took about 30 minutes to complete the climb. At the end of the climb there was a small temple and by the time we reached the temple, it was about 9:30 in the morning.

From this point, we had to go for another 3 Km. Sitel is the road head, but the plans are to bring the road till Sutol and we were able to hit the road head 3 Km before Sitel itself. Fortunately we got a jeep at around 11 AM near Sitel and we all got into that jeep which would take us to Ghat. We reached Ghat at around noon . From here we all got into another jeep which would take us to Karnaprayag.
At Karnaprayag, we checked in into the GMVN and with a heavy heart said goodbye to Mahendar and all the porters. They deserved all credit for the success of our trip.

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