Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in Leh

We were all very relaxed today. We started at 9AM, I was not using my overboots today. It felt like I was walking bare feet without any shoes. It was still snowing very heavily and as we reached the road head, with a heavy heart, I said good bye to Chadar.

After walking for about half an hour,I saw two Sumos were waiting for us. It was scary drive of 64km on slick ice, but our driver was an expert. We safely reached Leh just after noon on the 7th February.

It was disappointing to know that Raghu and Vani could not fly on that day because of bad weather. It was snowing in Leh since the last 3 days and all flights in and out of Leh were canceled.

We were also not very sure whether our flight would fly tomorrow or not. Sandeep and I called up our families to let them know that we were back safe and sound.

We were now all relaxing in our hotel rooms. It was cold, but we had those gas heaters back. In the later part of the afternoon we went out for lunch and realized how difficult it was to to walk on the roads of Leh because of slick ice. All the cars and two wheelers were slipping because of snow.

I wanted to visit the Leh market but the falling down part was so irritating that I decided to just go back to the hotel.

We celebrated our successful expedition of Chadar trek in the evening with a grand party.

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