Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking back

The Chadar is one of the most beautiful wonders of the nature. In my previous treks, when we used to climb the pass,we used to thank the mountains because they allowed us to climb the pass. I thought here we should thank the Zanskar river because it allowed us to walk on it.

It was an out of the world experience and definitely recommended for all those trekkers out there. Do it before global warming catches up and the Zanskar stops freezing.

The Chadar is more than a trek, it should be treated as an expedition and deserves all the cautions that go with it. The walking might be easy but that does not take away the various associated risks. The key to a successful expedition is to have good gear, good food, a reasonable amount of fitness and the willingness to fight it out in the cold.

Apart from the Chadar, I found the people of the Laddakh/Zansakar region very cheerful in spite of all the hardship they face due the climatic condition.

I will cherish all the memories of the trek for a long time because I had awesome company of my friends. I met some amazing people and as always with the little help of my friends I really enjoyed all the moments of the trek.

What next ? This is always a tough question. I would like to go back to Laddakh again, this time in the summers. Stay tuned to this space for more stories about the mountains.

More Photos are here Chadar Photos - Shilpa

And here Chadar Photos - Subbu

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manisholiday said...
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manisholiday said...

Good details Shilpa. As Shilpa said what is next? Tough question indeed, but answer is very easy .. yes next is Chadar again till global warming hits it .. I can not stop going back to my home again and again..


Anonymous said...

Hi, good writing . place is really a wonder. never thought that frozen water fall can exist. truly gods wonderful creation. Thank you for enriching my knowledge on the himalayan treks.

coolguy said...

Very nice and informative :) - Praveen.

rajendra said...

very nice description.. truly inspiring :)

Anand said...

Very interesting read. my group is planning to do Chaddar in Jan14. will you able to mail me the list of things to be carried.