Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in Tilat Tsumdo

By the time we got up,Vani and Raghu were already ready. We wished them safe journey ahead.Today was the last day for long walk on Chadar. The breakfast tasted delicious than before. As we started for what was to be our last camp, it was snowing, so the temperatures were bearable. We had got used to the cold by now and did not feel so uncomfortable. We had to cross a small frozen waterfall and I remembered last time we had to use a rope to cross this section as the Chadar was broken. But this time around, the Chadar was perfect and we could walk very easily over the frozen river. We reached Gyalpo in about an hour. We spent sometime here and then decided to move on.

Everybody was in a good mood because today was going to be last day. No one was in a hurry to reach the campsite. There were few scary section where Chadar was broken and we crawled on the thin layer of ice while river water was a touching distance from us. But Lobsang ji was right next to us to make sure we crossed safely.

After lunch, it was nice and easy walk on ice. At some section we climbed the rocks but such section were very less. We met another group who was also planning to camp at Gyalpo tonight. One of the group member was from Bangalore. He looked very tired and exhausted. When I asked him, he told he had two falls in the river. I could understand how scary it would have been.

Around 2.15 PM we reached the camp. It was virtually the end of the trek because we had to walk only very little tomorrow for the road head.

We had plenty of time on hand. Bhavin and Mohan decided to make a snowman on the Chadar using the snow. There was of course no dearth of snow what with the heavy snowfall we had seen in the last few days. I was roaming around the tent when I met up with Pratibha, a team member from another group. It was an inspiration for me to hear her trekking stories.

Mohan and Bhavin indeed had created a very good snowman. We all had photographs with Snowman.

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