Monday, July 7, 2014

Above the mighty Sian Gad

It was a cold morning as I got up. Typically, we used to get up by around 5:30 AM. I couldn't sleep properly last night as the tents were pitched on slope. I kept rolling down throughout. Sandeep on the other hand was snoring. As I got up and came out, I inquired about Rohit. He had not been feeling well in the evening . Thankfully after a night's rest he was back to normal.

As we started our walk after a humble breakfast, we encountered a trail that was completely broken.

We also had to cross plenty of small streams. The noisy Sian Gad kept reminding me that we need to cross it soon in the coming days.

 After a while, the walk was through the some green pastures,boulders and through some streams. It was quite an easy day as compared to the earlier days. We were making slow and steady progress as we wanted to be totally acclimatized to these altitudes. Suddenly as we we were negotiating a small boulder zone, I saw that Rohit taking a tumble. He had a bad fall and all of us rushed towards him. We were relieved as he got up. Fortunately it was nothing more than some scratches and small bruises. 


At around 1 pm we came across a small clearing with birch trees. The guide decided to pitch the tents as porters were also tiring from the last couple of days. It was indeed a great campsite. We were surrounded by snow clad mountains. There was a sparse growth of birch trees, there were small snow bridges down to the river, boulders interspersed with and some greenery. We had gained about 300 meters today as we camped at 3810mts.


The afternoon was spent outside the tents which helped in the acclimatization. It was very cold at this altitude and there was a slight wind as well.

 In the evening, we had a good chat with Suresh for a long time. He had climbed various 7thousenders including Mt Satopanth and Mt Kamet multiple times. He talked at length about his climbing expeditions. That gave all of us a lot of confidence. We knew we were in good hands, what with Suresh being there.

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