Monday, July 7, 2014

Looking Back

DDK Pass, by far is one of the toughest treks I have done. We started the trek against all odds. We had a few issues with the guide on the first day regarding the porters and we were almost ready to drop the trek plans as the porters were not experienced and well equipped. The guide too was also not fully equipped . We also did not have a clear cut exit plan. To top it all, the actual trek started on 16th June which coincides with the anniversary of the flash floods which happened in this region last year.
We were all very very cautious at every step that we took. We were watching each others backs, we were making sure that we and our companions are safe always.
I typically do not either recommend or immediately reject a recommendation for a guide unless
the guide was out rightly bad. The guide came with some strong recommendations from my close friends. However, I know that everything cannot go right always. On the one hand, I do have reservations about the guide on his overall management, his preparations for the trek, the safety precautions he took and so on. We could not do the Bali pass simply because of his mismanagement. On the other , I should say that he did manage to get us and the entire team safely across. There is no doubt about his skills in the mountains and specifically on snow. So having said all this, I will not out rightly reject or out rightly recommend this guide.
Looking back overall, I have to say, we were mighty lucky. We were blessed with great weather throughout, we were lucky to have crossed the river and the pass without incidences. to have crossed those landslide areas, those snowfields without any major scares. Thank all the Gods in the mountains which allowed us to cross the pass and who blessed us with the beautiful weather through out the trek.
Above all, we were a great team. I have had the pleasure of trekking with some amazing friends without whom this trek would not have been so much fun.

More Photos are here DDK Photos - Shilpa



Jyoti said...

Superb blog Shilpa!! You did it as always....Congrats!!!!!

Krishna M said...

Well, well well..sister, you did something most men could not do before! And the trekking community is proud of you folks..

Shyam said...

Hi Shilpa

Congrats on DDK completion!!!

I am thinking of doing this in October, but i am still not able to make up my mind whether i can complete this. The same time you did DDK, i was doing Charang La and Lamkagha. Great to read this, I had read somewhere (possibly Ashu's blog) you had also done Lamkagha Pass, how do you compare this against Lamkagha?