Monday, July 7, 2014

Near Kiyarkoti

Since we already lost one day, Balwant decided to go ahead of Jadunga till the beginning of Kiyarkoti. Now just a clarification here. I think quite a few places on this trek are named Kiyarkoti. There is one which comes after Jadunga, another which is closer to the pass and then a third one which come after crossing the pass. I think Kiyarkoti is actually a region with multiple campsite options. Sathya and team had come to wish us early in the morning and they were planning to start already. We started our day at around 7.30 AM. The initial climb was over boulders as we climbed. The trail was relatively easy to negotiate in the early part. 

Everyone was enjoying the easy walk on the trail as yesterday was relatively tough. However, soon enough the trail went missing due to land slides and we had to again cross the Sian Gad to the other side and then cross back to get on to the trail. There were tree logs which the gaddis might have been dropped on the river which we used for the crossing. Eventually all of us crossed safely. 

We reached Jhadunga which was a nice campsite sometime in the early afternoon, but our plan was to go ahead.

The porters were little behind us and the guide wanted to check with them if we could go ahead. We rested for about an hour and then decided to go a little ahead. The trail for the remaining couple of hours was horribly strenuous and kept challenging us throughout. 

On top of it, the weather was also changing. By the time we reached the campsite it had started drizzling. The campsite was before the actual Kiyarkoti, on a green meadow. It was a indeed a beautiful campsite, with lovely view of the forest, except for the fact, there was no flat ground here. It was all on a slope. It had been another long and tiring day for us. We trekked around 11km and the altitude gain was around 1000 mts to 3540 mts.


Today's trek was mainly through dense birch forest. We walked along the Sian Gad on its true left bank. In the evening, all of us talked and gossiped a bit. We were all tired but it was good to see that the spirits were high. We were all enjoying the challenges.

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