Monday, July 7, 2014

Rocky camp near Sian Gad

Yesterday we had decided to take a rest day, but last evening everybody was feeling alright so Balwant decided we would try to go to as close as base camp. The monsoon had not yet set in and according to Suresh, the monsoon could set in around the 22nd June, which was couple of days from now. We wanted to cross the pass before the full fledged monsoon sets in. We all agreed with the guide on this and decided to forgo the rest day.
We started early today. Even if we were around 4000mts, I could still see some green patches here and there. The walk was on mostly on boulders in the glacial moraines which was had some grassy patches. This made the walking relatively easier today. 

Since we were around 4000mts, we were now in real mountain territory. We could feel the thin air and all around us were unnamed snow clad peaks many of which were well over 6000 meters. After a while we reached a point from where I could see the Sian Gad flowing in its full glory.

 Now the guide told us that we need to cross it, go on to the true right and from there start our ascent towards the DDK Base. Suresh and Balwant went ahead to check if we could cross it from somewhere ahead. The river was in full spate at this time. It was around 10AM and we were all willing to cross and go ahead. After a while Suresh came back and told us we won't be able cross it today. The crossing would be extremely risky as the river was in full flow and water would be more than chest high.
We didn't have any other option but to camp here. It was just 10AM and we were going to lose this day as well. Sandeep was little disappointed with guide and he went to have a discussion with Balwant on his planning. While talking to guide, he also came to know that we were running a little short on rations as well. This was a big cause of worry. We had lost almost two days, but we had compensated by not taking a rest day. So today was like a rest day itself. Later on we realized, that this was a proper campsite. It was actually one of the best campsites on this trek. It was amidst the huge mountains on all side. The massive Sian gad was flowing right next to the campsite. The campsite was also one of the flattest ground I have camped.
Later in the afternoon, Sandeep went for an acclimatization walk a little high up,Brijesh was reading. Rohit, Jaggi and I played cards for some time. We had nothing much to do today.


We were camping on the true left of the Sian gad and the following day we would be crossing it and turning right in the valley towards the base camp. It was nice and sunny in the afternoon but later in the afternoon the wind picked up and the temperature dropped suddenly. In the early evening we walked around the campsite. Rohit tried to show us some rock climbing skills. We had some hot pakoras for snacks as well. After having an early dinner we called it close early in the night. The plan was to cross the river as early as possible the next day.

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