Monday, July 7, 2014

To Seema and Taluka ( Back in civilization )

We got nice breakfast of Poori Sabji this morning. We were all hoping that today would be an easy day, however Rohit told me that until he sees flat tar mettle roads, the trek is not over for him. How true this was. We started of with an easy downhill in thickly forested area, but well marked trail. Ruinsara Taal is supposed to be one of the easy treks and so the trail was well marked. We had to cross multiple streams as well.

 Our cook found some medicinal herbs and was carrying it along with him. The trail was mostly well marked. It was through thick pine and birch forest. But as usual, we did find some difficult sections with the trail completely washed away. We had both Balwant and Suresh walking with us and they were around to help us. 

The valley opened up as we walked on the true right of the Ruinsara Gad. I was hoping, we would not have to either cross or wade through the Runsiara Gad and luckily we found that there was a new wooden bridge meant for trekkers and gaddis, constructed on the trail itself. 

It was nice and easy walk along the river. We reached a nice resting place, built by the forest department at about 11AM from where guide and Suresh went ahead. 

We again crossed the Runsiara Gad after a while, thanks to the nice wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, there was very steep climb although a short climb, to a nice grassy meadow. After reaching the meadow, we had a final glimpse of the Kaala Naag and Banderpunch. We had our lunch here and our cook told us we need to descend down from here to Seema. 

The trail was well marked. There were many wooden bridges made for the villagers, so the going was not tough. We came down to the bridge on the Supin, where we could see the trail which goes towards the “Har ki Doon” trek. We reached Seema at around 2 pm. Seema is a small settlement with a couple of shops. But it has a GMVN and a Forest Rest House specifically made for trekkers. The village of Osla is a steep climb from Seema. As we got into the FRH and I saw the neatly made beds with quilts, I realized that this was virtually the end of the trek as we were back to civilization. It was nice long and easy day today. The FRH has aptly named rooms “Kala Naag Kaksh” and “Ruinsara Kaksh”.
The evening spent talking to porters. They were all very young and all of them were ambitious. None of them wanted to become a porter or a guide. I could not but help but admire their courage and think of all the hardships that these people go through. I just hope these young people get their share of happiness in life.


To Taluka and on flat mettle roads :
It was another easy day and walk on the well marked trail. Since this is a trail which which is used by most of the villagers, it was very well marked. For a while, I walked along with a middle aged lady, on this trail. Her in-laws were in Seema and she had come to visit them from Mori. She had to walk all of the12km on this terrain to go back to her house. This is the kind of hardship mountains people go through. This was the most event less day. We reached Taluka at around 11.30AM. 

Taluka was another small settlement. Fortunately, we got a couple of jeeps from here which would take us to Sankri. From Sankri, another bus took all of us to Barkot where we said good bye to the guide and porters.

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